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What we do

Ne'eman Foundation Canada and Ne'eman Foundation USA were founded to enable Canadian and American donors to choose the specific charities and projects that they wish to support, secure in the knowledge that their gifts are on the way to provide assistance in real time.

  • Be proud of the many achievements of the State of Israel!
  • Be proud of Israel's positive contributions to the entire world!
  • Be proud to say "I Support Israeli Charities!"

Why Choose Us?

As registered charities in Canada and the United States, both Foundations monitor the operations and needs of the Israeli charities, providing due diligence to guarantee that your donation is being used responsibly. In addition, Israel Charities (Amutot) use the services of both Foundations to help facilitate and develop their relationships with supporters abroad.
The daily lives of the People of Israel seem to affect us, regardless of who or where we are. The achievements of this tiny nation are often disproportionate to its size. But, at the other end of the spectrum is a world with many needs. Many of us feel a close connection and a desire to help. But, the question is often asked how we can lend a hand responsibly and make a difference quickly and effectively.

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